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The Real Vine

How do we naturally and organically grow in love? We have to be rooted and planted in the True Vine...

The Inside Matters More

We need moments that challenge our practices and our attitudes

Life Transforming Experiences

May we continue to be transfigured by God’s amazing grace

Spiritual Botox

The more we take time out to pray the clearer our mission will become

Kairos and Chronos

we wait expectantly for those Kairos moments in our lives

Cyrus the Messiah?

We might be taken aback by the ways in which peace, reconciliation, and the opportunity to build and rebuild God’s Kin-dom can emerge

Work Out Your Own Salvation

Reflect on how the freedom to explore, question, and learn is a crucial aspect of intellectual and spiritual growth

Jonah and Casting

Our task is the same as Jonah's task: discern what God is calling us to do.

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