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Lego you're doubt. 

Our doubt can serve a purpose in our life of faith

The Inside Matters More

We need moments that challenge our practices and our attitudes

Get a Lift

When we are lifted up, we get the healing we need

Life Transforming Experiences

May we continue to be transfigured by God’s amazing grace

Kairos and Chronos

we wait expectantly for those Kairos moments in our lives

Community and Encouragement

How has our community encouraged you and how might you be a part of encouraging others? How can we better join and harmonize our efforts?

Grief is a Season of Life

Grief is experienced uniquely by each individual... can sometimes come out in unexpected ways. The best way through is by accepting help.

Work Out Your Own Salvation

Reflect on how the freedom to explore, question, and learn is a crucial aspect of intellectual and spiritual growth

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