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  • Lindsay Bishop

Spiritual Botox

A personal story about the effectiveness of spiritual Botox, aka 'faith lift.' One time, down at the old church I was on Council during a major upheaval. I had become very frustrated with the way things were going or not going. So frustrated that I was considering looking at other churches. Then, one Sunday after church I was standing in the hallway next to Fellowship Hall and watching the congregation interact with each other. I was struck by the genuine, obviously heartfelt, caring and sharing taking place. I realized this is what really matters. Much like Peter's mother-in-law in last Sunday's Gospel lesson, I was healed instantly and lifted up. While her healing was physical and mine more spiritual, we were both ready to serve and move forward.

After healing Peter's mother-in-law (and many others), remember that Jesus took time out to pray, time out to focus on His own 'vision  for mission.' The more we take time out to pray about our own hopes for Holy T... the clearer our mission will become. Then we can move forward and serve in Faithful Discipleship.


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